What You Can Do on 15th April

1. You are allowed to bring Malaysian flags, state flags or black flags. All should be brought without
2. You are allowed to bring cameras, ordinary or digital.
3. You are encouraged to bring towels to cover your face, ‘serbans’, goggles, balaclavas or helmets.
4. If you find certain people who are trying to provoke the police, you are allowed to apprehend these people.

You are NOT allowed to do the following on 15th April 2000

1. Do not bring party flags!
2. Do not bring any thing that can be construed as weapons, such as wood, firecrackers, molotiv cocktails and any other dangerous weapons.
3. Do not hit or fight the police if they hit us. Allow the actions of the police be recorded on video and cameras of the international press and video cameras of reformasi people.
4. Do not park your vehicle around the National Mosque, especially motorcycles and cars.
5. Do not be afraid to go to the National Mosque to perform your ‘asar’ prayers, even though there may be various obstacles.

Special instructions for non-muslims

i) you are requested to assemble at Dayabumi building at 3:00 pm. There you will be lead by Tian Chua, Gobalakrishnan, Ng Lum Yong and others.
ii) please wait for further instructions from the leaders once there.