Translated by MarhainTua


Lokman Noor Adam appeared at 2100 Hrs. to announce that the People's Memorandum had been safely pesented to His Majesty The Yang Dipertuan Agong through the Imam Besar Istana Negara.

According to Lokman the public failed to demonstrate in big numbers as earlier anticipated due to the great harassement of the police. However, success of the efforts have been acheived as seen in the peaceful way the demonstation had taken place. Dr. Mahathir's earlier public statement that the people would "be arming themselves with molotov cocktails, long knives and clubs" appeared to be baseless and malicious.

In view of the attainment of the objective, Lokman Noor Adam advised all participants of the peaceful demonstration to return home.

Lokman ended his speech by declaring the initiation of the next peaceful demonstration on 21st April 2000, soon after the Jumaat congregation. The venue selected being Masjid Sungai Johor, Alor Setar Kedah. The peacful demonstators will seek audience with His Majesty The Sultan of Kedah at Istana Anak Bukit.

-Salam Reformasi-